What’s the agenda?
You can take a peek at the agenda for our Bow Valley Festival here: 9MMFF Bow Valley Agenda
*HU Event agenda’s are formatted by those event’s coordinators separately.

Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes you can. You will need to fill out a new entry form for each movie you submit though.

Can my submissions be part of a bigger story/movie?
Yes….but please label them as episodes. Please don’t chop up a movie into 9 minute segments though. Our judges will pick up on this.

I’m using a popular song or soundtrack to accompany my movie. Is this ok?
It depends. You need to have permission to use the copyright from the owner of that piece of music and prove it to the festival. Please don’t pirate anyone’s work. We won’t be able to show it.

Can my movie be longer than 9 minutes?
No. That’s why we’re not called the 10 Minute Moto Film Festival ;)

Can my movie be shorter than 9 minutes?
Yes, most certainly.

I would like to submit a 1 minute movie trailer, is this ok?
You can certainly submit a 1 minute trailer although our rules state that this will not be eligible for judging or award. The simple reason is that there are a few ready made programs out there using drag and drop technology. We want to see your creativity not something from an automated program.

Is this festival purely about motorcycle travel?
Not really. It’s about all things motorcycle, so if you’re filming the restoration of one or filming yourself on the racetrack, we would love to see it! The festival is also growing as time passes. We are already showing movies about 4X4 travel too. let’s just see where this goes…

Is this festival a family event?
Absolutely! We want our kids to grow up knowing what a wonderful place the world really is.

I don’t ride a motorcycle and I haven’t travelled very much. Can I still attend the festival?
We would love you to attend. You never know, some of this might rub off on you ;)

Can I attend the festival for only one day?
You certainly can.

How much are tickets?
Tickets for the 9MMFF held at Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meetings are included in your weekend pass. Tickets for the main 9 Minute Moto Film Festival in Alberta’s beautiful Bow Valley are $10 CAD for a one-day pass or $20 CAD for the weekend. Please note that the entry fee does not include accommodation.

Is there a fee to submit an entry?
No. You’ve worked hard enough putting your creation together.

If I submit a movie, will I get into the festival for free?
Sadly no, we need to be able to pay for liability insurance for the festival. If you know anyone in the insurance business though, please ask them why their premiums are getting so high!

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